Thursday, December 17, 2009


OUR MOTHER APPEARED to our brethren in Egypt just a few short days ago. Link. In the same week, an article was published about the harassment of women in Egypt. Link. Where does one find the audacity to commit such horrid crimes? Our Mother pleads with us; there is only so much she can ward off the anger of our Father. Is it entitlement? Insecurity? Lack of faith? An assertion of power?

Or maybe I am the exception. Treating a woman with respect; a gift bestowed upon us. Nothing is weaker than using force with a woman. A strong man knows patience, long-suffering, composure. Yeah, perverse men find sexual gratification in dominance, but the underlying cause of this is that exact perversion. It's not a perversion in the sense of mental handicap, but an emptiness. Let us all not lose sight of what is important and fill that void, lest we fall into similar hardships.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fr Daniil Sysoyev - Martyred

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From the New York Times, November 19th -

The Rev. Daniil Sysoyev, a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church who was known for promoting missionary work among Muslims, was shot and killed in his parish church late Thursday night ...

From Archpriest Peter Perekrestov of Holy Virgin Cathedral, San Francisco:

On Thursday, November 19, 2009 35 year old Fr Daniel Sisoev, a very active and straightforward missionary priest in Moscow, was gunned down by a masked gunman inside the St. Thomas Church. Below is a statement his wife issued.

Fr. Peter is the priest at Holy Virgin Cathedral, where St. John Maximovitch relics' rest.

The Good Fight

ON THIS DAY, we commemorate the martyrdom of St. Philopater Mercurius. Raised by converted Christian parents, he was given the name "Philopater" which means "Lover of the Father." When he reached adulthood, he joined the Roman army and quickly became known as a good swordsman and tactician in battle.

The Roman army, led by Emperor Decius, was attacked by the Berbers. The Berbers were great in number and the Emperor was fearful. Mercurius assured him not to worry saying that God would bring them to victory. When he left the Emperor, an angel appeared to him in the figure of a human dressed in white. The angel gave him a sword saying, "When you overcome your enemies, remember the Lord your God." (That is why he is called, 'of the two swords,' Abu-Saifain; one is the military sword and the other is the sword of the Divine power.) When the battle was over and they conquered the Berbers, Mercurius was given the title 'Supreme Commander of all the Roman Armies' (in 250 A.D., at the age of 25). Mercurius was martyred that same year for refusing to worship idols saying "I do not worship anyone except my Lord and my God Jesus Christ." Mercurius became worthy of the crown of martyrs after being beheaded on December 4th 250AD.

St. Mercurius has performed many miracles in the lives of Christians. His life shows us the power of faith in life's dealings, even the military. We pray for his intercessions in our own lives.