Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pursuing the Wrong Goal

AFTER A LONG HIATUS, I am back. Thanks to all who have checked in periodically.

Life caught up with me. I began concerning myself with accomplishing things. That's a funny word isn't it? Accomplish. A person can be very "accomplished." To a layperson, that would generally mean that person is older, has traveled, possibly has a good education, and likely has a sizable bank account. Is that truly in line with the Christian lifestyle? I suppose it can be, but let's look further.

The truth is, when I started writing this, this wasn't where I intended the post to end up. It really just dawned on me, so if my thoughts seem scattered, I apologize, but bear with me.

I'm sure even my 2nd grade Sunday schoolers could tell you that focusing on the worldly is not in accord with the gospel. So what exactly are we supposed to do here? The answer to that is usually generic, but it doesn't really answer the underlying question. I could ask you why you are hungry, and you could tell me about chemicals being released to the brain increasing appetite, even though a simple "I haven't eaten" would suffice.

Folks, in that analogy lies the answer to our original question: what does it mean to be accomplished? I submit to you that the ultimate accomplishment is being closer to God. So, to become accomplished here in the temporal, you must act in ways to bring you closer to that ultimate goal. Certainly, you must not forgo each and every hobby that you enjoy, but to move on to that next level, you must be ready to sacrifice.

On a personal level, I am ready to slow my life down. Any accomplishment I may think I am making that would bolster my resume, or improve a skill, or even help my community, is in vain if it isn't in God's name.

Isn't it funny how the we sometimes miss even the most fundamental of concepts?