Monday, May 14, 2012


I HATE POLITICS. Recently, President Obama announced that his views on gay marriage have "evolved." Ignoring momentarily the glaring political motivation behind this statement, what does it even mean to have "evolved" in your views? Surely, the word "evolve," or progress implies improvement and going with the times. I, however, disagree with Mr. Obama and counter that these days, progress is becoming too frequently confused with regression. In the days of the Councils, theological scholars argued and debated until conclusions were reached on how to properly worship and praise Him. The difference between then and now is the goal. A baby is often told what not to do, but is never explained what he would have to do to be a perfect child. A dog learns only what not to do when he is admonished for relieving himself indoors. A man who lives only by man-made laws knows only to do what will not cause him to be incarcerated. On the contrary, we as Christians now have a model of perfection in Christ. We are told to meditate on Christ and "be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." More so than ever, the debate on progress is not regarding the amount of progression, but rather the direction. I don't think there was any doubt that the end to slavery was progressive, but there is certainly a difference of opinion in modern times on the subject of homosexuality and abortion from a supposed viewpoint of morality. Certainly, the motivation of influencing others is the same from both sides, but the goal is not. There is only one morality, as there is only one God. Those following the Higher Law will understand the correct progression. Mind the misguided masses, and don't be led astray.

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